making a school entrance

1 03 2020

Little projects are ideal for sketch up too – this one has planning permission and will go on site in the summer of 2020.

Its just a reception , waiting  and toilet but with everything done in sketch up including builders drawings .

The school also has a royal connection as Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie were once educated ground floor plan.jpgCOWORTH LUMION 7-4.jpg


Making a New Nursery in Listed Territory

1 03 2020

Making models is a heavy habit with me now and when faced with the challenge of designing a nursery annexe  within the curtilage of a listed building then Sketch Up is the go to tool to develop the ideas . This helps conservation officers get a clear idea of design interface , materials and massing which is essential in coming to an approriate solution.

This design emphasises the proposal for an appropriate modern addition to the rear of a Listed Grade 2 building and is in progress.lumion view 4AA.jpgNISHKAM NURSERY COLOUR TEST 2.jpg

Many flats to go …soon

1 03 2020

Business as usual working using sketch-up and lumion on an apartment complex in a run down area of Birmingham – Sketch up is an ideal tool for working with the local planning authorities as it enables design to be quickly developed and then tested on the site to assess massing and materials . The pictures show the finished results of months of work analysing design ideas – and the elevations automatically pop-out the other end !lumion planning 7.jpglumion planning 1.jpglumion planning 2.jpg

Moorhall Primary Rejuvinated

1 03 2020

Yet another school project where the design work and some of the  delivery work was all worked out in Sketchup and a touch of Lumion. Was designed with Acivico in 2017 and delivered in September 2019 . Very simple box building with accentuated windows and little architectural ideas peppered all  around the school both inside and outside. Suffice to say that the head was over the moon . I have posted both the model and the final built building.moor hall updated 5.jpgmoor hall updated 2.jpg



3D budget sports hall

1 03 2020

To contrast with the previous blog, see the budget version of Kings Borton Boys School  sports hall ( completion due September 2020) -This was designed  in close cooperation  with the ESFA on a very tight budget. Its low profile and low budget and all using 3D sketchup tools to visualise the design.  Add a dab of Lumion and hey presto you have a simple sports hall.  Kings Norton Boys School have been waiting for this for years and now they are getting one.KNBS sports hall 2.jpgKNBS sports hall 1.jpg

Birmingham sporting opportunity in 3D

1 03 2020

As this is a sketch up picture blog ,see yet another model of a design I was heavily involved with at Tile Cross Academy in Birmingham in 2019 – another chance to model in sketch up and render in Lumion — A truly loud building in a very poor area of the city that hopefully will make a difference to the school and the surrounding community – just been shortlisted for and RICS social impact award 2020-another project on time and on budget incidentally. Involved a sports hall , 4 classrooms and a refurbished science block. –21W005_M40 red.jpg check out the cladding – it was great fun doing it .TILE CROSS 3.jpg21W005_M29 red.jpg21W005_M36 red.jpgTILE CROSS 1.jpg

NEC – cant tell the difference ? July 2018

29 07 2018

The two photos below are of one entrance corner of the NEC Solihull reskin project complete with 3 storey high lighting pyramids made from reinforced PVC membranes and wonderful graphics panels designed by McCann – to be honest I am struggling to tell the difference !!!- that the beauty of working in Sketchup with Lumion .NEC telling the difference

NEC – reskin but not as we know it …July 2018

11 07 2018

A really clever and innovative project that started me using  Sketchup and ended with Lumion as a render tool . A project to completely change the look of the existing exhibition sheds at the NEC Birmingham  – day or night in an innovative way – How many other sheds in the UK need this treatment ? ( surely)

The first phase finishes in August 2018 so keep on watching this space …..All part of an initaitive to show what Acivico Architects can do.

Not only does it look good its been done for an amazing price of half what was expected at £4.5M

Go visit – you will be impressed!



art of the butterfly – aug 2017

10 12 2017

Yet another project exploring possibilities of an arts centre extension using the two weapons of choice – Sketch-up and Lumion in tandem .Letting the imagination run with 10 second renders in Lumion from the original sketchup model. Quite specatacular images produced in minutes enabling any spirited designer the room to run – noting the designer is also the computer operator and the artist – its just magic.

pre-school play june 2017

14 11 2017

Dead simple extension to an existing pre-school nursery somewhere in the Midlands – sketch up to the rescue yet again !!! ( with lumion)- lovely little scheme with an enclosed external play area surrounded by a flat roof pavilion of 3 classrooms with a glulam timber exposed frame . Will be lovely when completed in 2018.weoley planning 1