Point North – Dudley 1993 – sketch versus reality

16 09 2009

Mentioned previously in the blog Point North in Dudley UK was constructed over 18 months in 1992/3 again with Steve Brown – The original stepped roof design had the outer walls clad in Granite and the inner courtyard lined with glass – In the long run it became a brick and glass facade with a standing seam metal roof.
The photographer took 3 days to get the right light and the swan in the canal for the 1994 Tarmac calendar.

5 years later , when working in Hong Kong I worked with Mark Lomas on the Yau Tong Station and it turned out that he was the engineer who had been working on the design for the granite fixings when the original design was being concepted .

Another coincidence is that Greg Bancroft ( M and E) of RPS Gregory worked on this project and now works a few yards away from me in the RPS Birmingham office who I had not seen really until 15 years later.

Original ElevationPN WaterfrontPoint North Foyera




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