Vodafone – Stoke UK- The outside completion – 2009

1 10 2009

Some great photographic work by Edmund Sumner of the completed Vodafone project that capture the playful spirit of the design – There are well over 200 completely different and original details on this project and I am only talking about the outside – Inside the building will be dramatic and hoping for some more great shots from Edmund that will capture the hopefully great atmosphere.
See 4 of Edmunds shots….. he also took the shots on EGG which are part of the graphic header of this CVBlogPPS-VODA-EDMUND SUMNER-0002-100dpiPPS-VODA-EDMUND SUMNER-0007-100dpiPPS-VODA-EDMUND SUMNER-0014-100dpiPPS-VODA-EDMUND SUMNER-0020-100dpiPPS-VODA-EDMUND SUMNER-0006-100dpiPPS-VODA-EDMUND SUMNER-0008-100dpi




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