So why is Vodafone Stoke Green – not Red and White ? 10 facts

5 01 2010

1. Its on a brownfield site that was once a steelworks.

2. The building elevations are all different designed to suit the position of the sun to reduce solar gain – the 4 elevations are orientated facing exactly NSEW.- this involved careful positioning of windows and roof overhangs.

3. It maximises natural daylight over the workspaces by toplighting hence reducing artificial lighting energy use by up to 30% compared with a traditional office.

4. The building has a displacement air underfloor ventilation system which is more energy efficient and flexible than an equivalent 4 pipe fan coil ceiling vent system and ideal in a large hall environment.

5. The building is insulated using mineral wool and fibreglass –which tied in with what was a recyclable shell policy – for example a conscious decision was made not to use foam insulants.

6. Rainwater is recycled so that all toilets flush using it.

7. There are 8 sets of showers provided inside for cyclists or walkers – twice the norm – as is the number of covered cycle shelters in the car parks. The building even caters for bus users who have a closely adjacent rear entrance point to access.

8. NO wind turbines , ground source heat pumps , PVcells or the prerequisite ‘on site renewable energy’ gadgetry because the building is designed to use less energy not generate more energy. A passive – ‘no moving parts’ energy design approach was taken. These technologies may be more applicable on other types and designs of buildings.

9. Over 7000 plants and trees were planted as part of the landscape round the building – providing both amenity for the workforce in picnic areas or general aesthetics for the public view.

10. Great exit strategy in future – If company decides to close down then the office could become a warehouse , an indoor football arena or a television studio ??




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