Offices Eastern Europe -Tirana -2010

2 02 2010

I carried out some design options for a headquarters in Eastern Europe that are likely to go ahead now . A full workspace analysis and site appraisal resulted in these sketches – using sketchup and IDX as a renderer.
The sketch and render time was less than a day and was extremely useful in deciding what design approach the client prefererred . I will leave you to guess which concept is to be built. Oh  – and incidentally the big glass wall faces North – first sustainable design rule ! It also slopes in the way at the bottom to remove glass cloud effect.
The site is on outskirts of  Tirana- Albania and the design is intended to have strong colours to reflect recent policy by the local mayor to have colourful buildings in the city.




One response

5 02 2010

What’s with the bendy trees on option 2? My preference is the top one, although your Client might like the middle one best. Simon

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