lovely little school job -may 2017

14 11 2017

Been experimenting a bit with portakabins as  an alternative to shipping container accomodations  and got the opportunity to think outside the box ( so to speak ) and look at what could be done using classroom shipping containers – cue sketchup again with a lumion render.

Whole idea took about half an hour to come up with something on the screen and another hour to play around with lumion .  Nice example – as the used car salesman would say !!6th form purple 76th form purple 5

square thinking in public – may 2017

14 11 2017

Merging sketch up and lumion again on a public square project on a 2 day design exercise – A lumion video was made of this and gave a spectacular view of the future with slick visual presentation and some unique ideas given life by using that sketchup thing again – PS in the video the waterwall is fully animated – client was inspired by it.


getting more complicated – april 2017

14 11 2017

Producing some very big sketchup files now and using lumion with sketchup makes it a perfect partner – makes any sketchup design look wonderful

– now using a faster computer to produce the ultimate shipping container shopping and entertainment venue somewhere up in the Nortwest- I made a video of this in lumion and you cant help getting hooked on this stuff.

the container work continues jan 2017

23 01 2017

national-showground-offices-detail-2Developing some live ideas using containers as part of a much larger project visualising these with sketch-up and then experimenting with render programs really helps clients understand the potential quickly and easily . More to the point the proposals are real and deliverable – watch this space as these ideas mature into reality.




Rock On ……..

4 12 2015

See yet another container idea currently being worked on that involves designing a low cost performance arena for Rock Concerts – Lots of different ways to do this and sketch up is ideal to enable some design exploration.

Again experimenting with Lumion to great effect .

( see if you can spot the helicopter as the colour shot is a snap of an animated video of this one.)


rock model2- b-wrock model desert 1


Fish food on the Quayside

4 12 2015

See speculative sketch scheme that is again designed round containers that features a foodie fish restaurant and a collection of retail pop-up units intended to supply the local student and office population and a NW city. The fish would be supplied by the local trawler that docks several times a week on the quayside.

All planned and modelled in Sketch-Up .wirral elevation shot 10wirral elevation shot 8wirral ocean shot-estuary 2

Starting to get the hang of Lumion at this point .

better visualisation with sketchup

4 12 2015

I have been learning how to do better visualisations of the container design schemes by building more detailed models in sketchup and importing them into Lumion 3D render and visualisation tool with some very good results and its amazingly quick and works in real time with a direct SKP file import .

See how the LodgeLane scheme looks in Lumion after just two or three hours work. The scheme features in earlier blog posts.LODGE LANE Site 1 - street view3 ALODGE LANE Site 1 - street view4LODGE LANE Site 1 - street view5

Doing different things with containers Nov 2015

4 12 2015

Spending time looking at various schemes where shipping containers prove to be a very versatile building component – all of them modelled in sketch-up of course but also now experimenting with Lumion as both a render tool and an animation device – seamlessly works with Sketch Up of course .

Anyhow back to the containers !! – what about using them in a University Campus and encourage students to set up start up businesses? Setting one up now for a Northern University complete with a mini growing green house!! Spot the visuals experimenting with Lumion.LIVERPOOL UNI CANCO IMAGE4a

Containers in the Wild North West 2015

25 03 2015

Been doing a bit of creative work on the regeneration side in the North West – This is a cheap way to provide retail units quickly and economically in a run down area in Liverpool 8 – Toxteth . Great thing about a container is that comes in fixed sizes and can be laid out on a brownfield gap site in a designed manner to produce new community space and help reinvigorate tired areas of the country where low cost is everything and can act as a catalyst for local regeneration.

The rents are geared up to be affordable to the local community as retail space – in future residential versions of this may be considered.

Again these design exercises are made for sketch-up as the models of containers exist up there on the internet – Its how you lay them out is the clever bit – complete with hard landscape  , street furniture and lighting – This is not like BOXPARK in London it lower cost than that.

LOLA New Site 1 LOLA New Site 5 A reduced  new site 3 - lodge laneLOLA New Site 4A

Lodge Lane -test elevations

Capella – job complete 2014

25 10 2014

The workspace enhancement job at the Capella building is now complete  – the building is occupied by National Savings and Investment Bank which is currently being serviced by ATOS under contract.

The project was carried out with a tight budget and is inspired by some of the experiences I have had in work space design with clients like Vodafone and Prudential / Egg Bank – Its a cultural workspace project.

My part was to concept and specify the interior and enhance the design that had already been agreed by ATOS.  The project was carried out closely with ENTIER of Shrewsbury who promote good people and inspired visioning.  It also involved the design of a CX ( customer experience ) lab which has training and test facilities for product and website user interface  – off the wall but valuable.

Use of bespoke breakout podspace / lighting /wall graphics and furniture make an environment that is just a bit different and was tailored to ATOS budget and requirements. A successful project.

capella story - design (email)_Page_08 capella story - design (email)_Page_11 ATOS CAPELLA -brand imagery consideredcapella story - design (email)_Page_17


capella story - design (email)_Page_07 capella story - design (email)_Page_16 capella story - design (email)_Page_03 capella story - design (email)_Page_12