Dome progress 10/ 2014

25 10 2014

Things are going well down at Longleat – The dome roof replacement is well underway and its all being done without closing it down using a clever arrangement of safety work decks and a contractor that is excelling at doing a very difficult job in a very clever way – All credit to SDC and particularly Adam Knaggs team which on site is headed by Gary Sullivan as site agent – a really good team and highly recommended.

The picture shows the progress we have made and in later posts I will reveal the whole team who are involved .

Center Parcs have a unique project here which is sure to get attention once its finished and will be a low maintainenance roof using single layer PVC membrane and ETFE pillows similar to the ones used at Grimshaws Eden project in Cornwall.



Longleat energy dome 2014

more Sketch Up – POSTERS -APRIL 2014

17 05 2014

Further poster produced using sketch – up and then fitted together into AO format with Photoshop.

Sketch-up is used here as a spaceplanning tool , a furniture design tool , a 3D visualising tool ( using Kerkthea render) and an artistic tool ( wall graphics)

These sketches art part of the design enhancement story of the project . If you click the picture it will take you to actual size.

The project has been constructed on site and almost finsished as at early May 2014.



Sketch Up workspace AGAIN

5 05 2014

ATOS CAPELLA A0 - design montage -what have we been thinking email

Doing the sketch up thing again with workspace – Its still the best tool to use when analysing space and presenting it back to clients.

Its my weapon of choice – so to speak .

These models have been produced for an international client who needed some guidance on design layout and current workspace thinking – I will just post up the pictures as they are quite nice just to look at – they were used as posters in a public canteen to explain how their new offices were being designed – Its North of the Border …….


Longleat Dome Update 2014

5 05 2014
Longleat Dome roof

Longleat Dome roof

LF dome 1 - 14The project is going really well and the contractor SDC is doing a sterling job – Replacing and redesigning the leaking roof over the 100m diamter Dome whilst the public are using it is no easy task . It is all being done without a tower crane and uses techniques more akin to pyramid building than modern constructions.

Many sketch up models were produced to simulate both the design and construction sequencing enabling the business to plan ahead to minimise any guest impact.

SDC have been kind enough to organise bi monthly helicopter photo shots and these are truly spectacular – see two displayed here.

Project is scheduled for completion in early September 2015.

2013 in review

2 01 2014

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,000 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 17 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Longleat dome re-skin 2013-14

2 04 2013

Current project involves complete replacement of glazed roofs on a 100M diameter dome at Longleat .

Great logistics problem as the dome will be used by the public whilst works are carried out.

Used sketch-up again to demonstrate what is possible –   completely redesign roof concept using ETFE pillow rooflights and PVC membrane solid roofs.

This is going to be a good one …



details spec

dome presentation pictureLongleat access platforms diagram

Environmental Low Carbon Jewel 2012

22 08 2012

Uisng sketchup again – this time to develop and environmental education centre on a future UK leisure village – intended to be built to Passivhaus standards along with mono pitched green roof and placed within a custom built landscape rich in biodiversity.

With sketchup it was possible to investigate many options before coming to this final design. Rendering was done in Kerkythea.

Tirana Vodafone concept – as built

1 04 2012

From the blog last year I did some work for Vodafone back in 2009 to concept a simple office building to act as headquarters in Tirana Albania – it was a simple idea using sketch – up for concept — was built pretty close to the original idea – this completed last year in 2011 and is now fully operational …..

Looking back at University of Leicester – using Sketch up

17 03 2012

I must say I had a great time at the University and got involved with all sorts of things – many of them involved using my favourite tool – sketch up ( which is really why this blog exists ) I have attached some of the more interesting things apart from the Med school and College Hall that I got involved with — from Jet engines in Jim Stirlings engineering building foyer to satellite parts display proposals in the Physics department.



University of Leicester gets permission to build the New Medical school 2012

17 03 2012

ImageGreat news that the University of Leicester has now gained planning permission for the new Medical school – Hopefully will be one of the best buildings on the campus as well as being based around a low carbon concept.

Its taken a long time to get this and hopefully it will be worth it —– Ironically as Client Project Manager I decided to take up another post away from the University last month and am looking at some interesting things with Center Parcs currently – watch this space .